Album Cover
Desolate Mass Waste
Scrap Rabbit
Released: Feb 6, 2014
Label: State Of The Dark Arts
Track Listing
1 Risers (intro)
2 Desolate Mass Waste
3 Life In Over-Drive
4 TraJic MaJic
5 From This Point On
6 Here Is Now
7 Nothing Is Forever
8 Don't Let Me Down
9 Journey To The Lost
10 The Cage
11 Set Back (outro)

Liner Notes

DMW- probably made 500 recordings during this era. So many great recordings and performed stuff never made it on this cd. Like a pheonix that rose again when it was shot down to the bottom of the lake. This cd is the contrary to FirebaLL. During the Set back (outro) it seems to me the Phantom spirit arrives drifting through the skyline cries out "I breathe and I fly never to be turned back to be bound again... during the line ,Place yourself in abandoned land, over-riding the original song from "Don't Leave Me" -even in desolation life brings hope to a hopeless world poised to change and feel the height of what's around us. Just as the gothic metaphor of romance and sorrow.

Attention: tiny live samples were added to the ending of 2 of these tracks not found on the actual cd.

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