Album Cover
The Lost Archives
Scrap Rabbit
Released: Feb 7, 2014
Label: State Of The Dark Arts (recording center)
Track Listing
1 Archive
2 Life Of Decay
3 Bar Code
4 Corner-stone
5 In The Way
6 Only The Lonely (cover)
7 Error
8 Rivers Of Sorrow
9 Empty Shadows
10 clutter
11 Smeared Red
12 Up & Out
13 Springs
14 Life Of Decay (Extended Mix)
15 Lost

Liner Notes

The Lost Archives is a lost songs collection. includes several rare jams found on my Killer Bee Sides tape + new material standing in a balancing act of audio stamina. Also noteworthy are the unique style of lyrics from my 6th and 7th notebooks proving the originality Scrap Rabbit once again.

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