Album Cover
Dumpster Divers & The Receptacle Kings
Scrap Rabbit
Released: Feb 7, 2014
Track Listing
1 Heap-pile Monster
2 Garbage Dog
3 Nothing ToO Great To KEep
4 Rollin' On
5 Collecting Cans
7 Eraser Pet
8 Coffee Grounds
9 Vanilla Pudding
10 Rubble N Ashes (You're A Litter Bug)
11 Melon Cone
12 Trasher Jamin Blues
13 Grilled Banana Skins
14 Wheel Chair Parking Lot
15 Tooth Decaying Clenchers
16 Rubble N Ashes (Disposable Mix

Liner Notes

Start your garbage route while bobbing to this gunky cd as you go along collecting cans and  delivering old newspapers door to door with the early morning dew still sticking to your shoes dripping off each blade of grass while kicking down already cracked garden gnomes & sprinkler hose systems before daybreak.

Then head over to the Wasteland Rubble growing high to the sky not too far from the local Heap-Pile Monster that lives in a new dumpster every week. Then gets picked up toed and dropped off to a new part of town every Thursday after the garbage truck picks it up and drops it off again to a new neighborhood of garbage cans to terrorize. The stories them dumpsters could tell, just imagine from each dent and curved sauce stain it placed the night before to the broken bottles and crushed up cigarette tacos.

This album was made into a trilogy + a board game and a video series for this collection.

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