Album Cover
The War Machine
Scrap Rabbit
Released: Feb 10, 2014
Track Listing
1 Bullets
2 The Wrath Child
3 The Wrath Child II
4 Head Confusion
5 Thorn Of Hearts
6 Savage Lie
7 The More I Live (The More You Die)
8 No One Survives
9 Conquer
10 The War Machine
11 "Hidden Track"

Liner Notes

(The War Machine) "Bullets" warms up with a showpiece intro with a mock court-room trial against the mob boss told in this story. 2 Favorites "The Wrath Child' I-II" Pick up the pase. Then "Head Confusion" bounces in and takes role in the story "not wanting to make the same mistakes as others." With no where to run and no place left to hide. Then "Thorn Of Hearts" slows down the pace and from then on more exhibits form to pin "the boss" down once and for all. No pasta, no parties. But what you may miss on the story is how the boss is later shot down in the war zone rattler, thought to be "clipped" before being sentenced. Though later escaped and got out of the game under a new name. So the story ends.

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