Album Cover
The Dream Dimension
Scrap Rabbit
Released: Feb 13, 2014
Track Listing
1 Blast Diffusion
2 One Dimension
3 Dream Sweeper
4 Burning Desire
5 Gravity Cycle I
6 War-Car
7 Isolator
8 Untolerable Injustice
9 Killing Crop (Destroyer RMX)
10 Gravity Cycle II
11 Sicko Psycho
12 Detached At The Limb
13 Husk Duster
14 Storm-Path
15 Gravity Cycle III
16 Virus In Hell
17 The Grizzley Reaper
18 Crop Circles (Harvest Mix)
19 Untolerable Injustice (form mix)
20 ...As Symbols Form...

Liner Notes

In harvesting early hours, creeping through the meadows of darkness. The Reaper casts a shadow on the field and forms the symbols of arcane mystery. Unraveled in messages upon the land. Thus The Dream Dimension twas born...