Album Cover
Vodgeny (single)
Scrap Rabbit
Released: Jan 15, 2014
Track Listing
1 Vodgeny (single version)
2 Tinfoil Rocketship
3 Cemetery Gloom (acoustic requiem)
4 Halloween Day vs Hallow Night
5 Scrap Sampler

Liner Notes

Vodgeny. This is one of my very first songs I ever wrote, about a creepy abandoned house I used to visit and take photos with. It had a Jeepers Creepers style truck. The next time I came back a week later the place was gone and so was the truck. Its field number was 665 odd enough. which inspired the lyrics to this cd. Taken from Haunted Halloween Hits.

Tinfoil Rocketship. Was a recording I was gonna make a rocketship out of tinfoil and cardboard rolls. And use it to fly to other lifeforms. (hint- I added 2-3 to this so you can play the full single)

Cemetery Gloom- was an acoustic mix I made that I liked too much just to leave it on a single that would be forgotten. So I put it on Acoustic Accusations too.

Halloween Day. vs. Hallow Night. a 2 song collision of orchestration like tiny monsters dual to enchanted dark formations.

Scrap Sampler is a 24 song sampler mixed into a 5 minute mix.

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