Album Cover
Rabid Remixes II
Scrap Rabbit
Released: Jan 3, 2014
Track Listing
1 Magical Fear (split RMX)
2 Killing Crop (extended version)
3 Rabid Hase
4 What the Hell... (restored cover)
5 Sun Flower (pollen mix)
6 Don't Know Why
7 Pumpkin Orchard (not much different mix)
8 Vodgeny (illusive rendition)
9 the one to end all tears
10 Slow•Dead•Beat (accusation loads)
11 Devil's Clones (cover)
12 Nutshell (cover)
13 Poser•Composer•Decomposer
14 Scrap Rabbit (shower mix)
15 Total Isolation
16 Dust Bunny (lint mix)
17 Dust Bunny (cotton tail got jack hammered mix)
18 Crop Circles
19 Liberty
20 Killing Crop (harvest disease spread)
21 Hollow

Liner Notes

This is the second cd in the Rabid Remixes trilogy. Filled with mixes, new songs, and covers. Inlayed with an extensive booklet of designs and lyrics. Sentiments of this cd are based on dark romance withered away and cut down like a crop.

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