Album Cover
Put Out To Pasture
Scrap Rabbit
Released: Dec 31, 2012
Label: shelves audio
Track Listing
1 Dead Clown Surprise
2 Further On Down The Road
3 the story of tarbaby and the snow hare
4 The Torch
5 The Hell Illusion
6 The Hildercater
7 true ghost encounter
8 In The Forest
9 Siblings of Dissent
10 flute puppet
11 On Halloween (infliction notice)
12 wedding / funeral
13 speed gage
14 Hallow Night
15 Disease Harvest (Ritual Mix)

Liner Notes

Put Out To Pasture. Is a mix taken from some tracks that were created from mixed up tapes and deformed recordings. I've played this cd at night when people are gathered drinking around firepits.