Album Cover
Energy Storm
Scrap Rabbit
Released: Dec 1, 2013
Track Listing
1 Eaten Away By Emptiness
2 Gone Insane (Discharge Version)
3 The Abattoir
4 Energy Storm
5 Only The One I Love
6 Lost In Time
7 Life's A Mess
8 Seizure Circle
9 Red Chaos
10 Slow•Dead•Beat
11 HyStErIcAl
12 Waiting In The Rain
13 What The Hell Have I...
14 Rubble N Ashes
15 The Great Hate
16 Never Give In
17 Bee's Wax
18 Collide
19 Sad Yesterday
20 Wax N Honey (Remix)
21 Liberty Hell
22 Falling

Liner Notes

Divided into 3 storm sections. "Never Give In" takes back to a ravaging display of a cave dripping words.

No one's warned This Is Energy Storm. Get lost in this twist of energetic compulsion forming under the clouds to surround you with highly unique subsequence. Clouded with improvised material and reigning anthems

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