Album Cover
Rabid Remixes
Scrap Rabbit
Released: Jan 3, 2014
Track Listing
1 Prone To Suffer (suction mix)
2 Better Than Ever (infiltration mix)
3 Arachnid (sad spider dancing mix)
4 You Shook Me all night long
5 Seizure Circe (of chaos mix)
6 Red Chaos (light beam array)
7 Eraser Pet (refuse mix)
8 Arcane
9 The Slaughterhouse (skeleton mix)
10 Razor (cut apart mix)
11 Deflection (acceptance rendition)
12 Good For Nothing
13 Sad (blue mix)
14 To Die For (purgatory mix)
15 The Last TIme (my way mix)
16 Prone To Suffer

Liner Notes

This is the first Rabid Remixes of the trilogy. 1, 5, 6, 12 were improvised tracks. So I had to examine them for the lyrics.