Album Cover
Rabid Remixes III
Scrap Rabbit
Released: Jan 4, 2014
Track Listing
1 Scrap Rabbit (can opener mix)
2 Garbage Dog (Early version)
3 Smokestack Shuffle
4 Rollin On (wasteland rubble mix)
5 On Halloween (unplugged rendition)
6 Chocolate Pudding (mix)
7 Mummified Mystica
8 Butterscotch Pudding (mix)
9 You & Me & the Devil Makes 3
10 Cream Pudding (mix)
11 Show Me (improved version)
12 Total Isolation (sustained style)
13 smokestack static
14 Desolate Mask Waste
15 Sad Yesterday (Times Change)

Liner Notes

Rabid Remixes III. Is the third and final installment to the trilogy. And arguably the most entertaining of the series. With cryptic style art, and progressive styles like in the Smokestack Shuffle, the opening track being exactly what it wants to be. An early version of Garbage Dog from my early tape. A couple nice acoustic renditions of "Rollin On', and "On Halloween". Then 3 Pudding mixes from a remix tape of "Scrap Demos" 4 hidden instrumentals throughout the cd. Including the Gorgon's Fire Dance. Which I could only get so loud on the cd. But the noteworthy composer version was much nicer. It made me want to have a hilarious video where my neighbors were just sitting around their firecan then suddenly all jump up and start doing an aggressive tribal beating on the can and dance around the fire then when the song ends they all sit back down quickly like nothing happened. To stay true the the art of the cd a damaging twisted song "Mummified Mystica" tells a cryptic story only one could imagine being from an epic movie. "Desolate Mask Waste" came in at my lowest point without hope and brought on a raw backlash of reality I could only give in a song. This is the original version which I felt needed to exist.

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