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The first albums made under Scrap Rabbit are "Circle Of Chaos", "Energy Storm" & "Rabid Remixes Vol. 1-3" 

"Desolate Mass Waste" and "!FirebaLL!" albums were then made also.

"Dumpster Divers & The Receptacle Kings" is a concept album about garbage, a couple vhs tapes were made for the concept before the real process of this album came into place.

"The War Machine" tells a story throughout the album. This site features the digital eps "The Wrath Child, & Head Confusion" which contain unreleased tracks from this cd.

 "The Collector Of Lost Souls" cd was then created, with all 15 songs on the album made into music videos.

 "Haunted Halloween Hits" took place in the midst of other projects. And a couple vhs videos were done for this era also. One being "Disease Harvest" and the other "The Enchanted Cellar"  This cd tells 18 stories and lists 13 Halloween tricks and treats.

"Acoustic Accusations" highlights 16 unplugged songs made from the 5 highlighted eras above and organized as a set.

"The Dream Dimension" Explores a realm of abandoned fields of nightmares. Contains songs like "Dream Sweeper" and a decayed version of Crop Circles.

"The Lost Archives" is a collection of unreleased and forgotten tracks.

"Industrial Waste" features 20 of my best songs made at the time as a best of.

"rise upon thy fallen" came after a year and a half break and was made as a download album on bandcamp. As well as many others.

Below are the channels that feature my videos, Storm Seizure is more of a hybrid mix of other things included.

hase Chaser features an encompassing selection of songs in order by album with raw / new material added.

Scrap Rabbit Music (music video channel)


Storm Seizure (video albums, odds n ends, comics)


hase chaser (most everything you can find by Scrap Rabbit including tapes / and albums)


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