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Happy 2018. So another year has come to an end. '17 wasn't a very good year for me. I set out numerous tapes, videos, performances, and made albums available in physical format, as well as an extensive new photo series. This year so far a few albums are surfacing in physical format including "Chimney Creeper, Confined Rewind, & Orange Night". another bit of info, a DVD release is also planned to surface sometime this year. The reason for the wait is some complications have slowed down the project. Also "Formations" album has been gone through and improved with audio and visual features on 

A recently uncovered Scrap Rabbit tape was converted and spans 2 hours 4 minutes long. After conversion it was re-edited with overlapping parts it's the longest known Scrap Rabbit tape so far all the audio is featured with about 40 minutes of overlapped parts to make for an interesting collision of sound. 

The Monthly Articles

This is issue #49 

There's some more albums available on Kunaki with new material and improvements from the original including "Arachnid" (with new artwork), "Lost Paradise", "Wilterland", "Ready To Go", "First Of My Kind", "DDATRK", "Reason To Ride", "Formations", "The Weeds Of Our Society", "The War Machine", "The Thrills Of Hills", & "Instrumentality 1-3". one thing I wanted was to add more artwork but am limited to 1 slick only. That's one of the downsides otherwise they are good collectibles in the Scrap Rabbit arsenal. There's also new projects going down including some new and previous works added.

Also some new photos at

The Monthly Articles

This is issue #48 of the Monthly Articles

For the first time you can now own physical copies of some of my latest releases. I normally prefer physical copies as opposed to digital myself as I still buy albums regularly. So this week features 4 new albums with slick glossy packaging "Broken, Link To Chaos, Stuck In A Trap, and Abyss Center" now with improved music and artwork. With new spice added. After I got my copies I played all 4 in under 4 hours to make sure everything was good. For best quality play on a basic radio CD player. Out of the new releases this week the best has to be Broken (inside). These new albums feature tracks from 2-3 previously made albums combined into 1.



The Monthly Articles


A new EP of outtakes from the Wilterland era is now on bandcamp called "Little Wilterland" Also a throwback to some of my Storm Seizure clips is a collection of 8 tracks.

Obscuration 2 (EP) w/ bonus clips included!

The Monthly Articles

I've made up a playlist of over 140 Scrap Rabbit tapes which I've spent a large sum of time converting this year on Hase Chaser channel. Also my latest album "First Of My Kind" is now in video form. My main video channel has been dormant for some time so I've decided to start working on a new EP titled "Obscuration 2" for it that will feature tracks from my new album as long as a few others.

The Monthly Articles

Since youtube is getting rid of video editor I've had to jump the gun on some of my projects for making edited albums and putting together tapes and projects. So a load of tapes have now surfaced and been put out this month. Some parts of The War Machine videos weren't done the way I originally intended but since this may be my last chance to make the album I had to put it out as is. Also the vimeo exclusive performance can now be seen in it's entirety as well.

Orange Night (improved video)

The War Machine

Unidentified Missing Archives, Shower Scraps, and First Of My Kind (new album) are now on bandcamp.


The Monthly Articles

Warped 2 is now available on bandcamp as well as a video for it called "can't see through" the effects took hours to make, the 2014 track Keyflow that was created as a vimeo exclusive at the time with special effects took even longer just to save the file.  SR tries to make due with what's available in access to create with. As well "Saw Section" the latest video of the series was made from recycled clips. I've also created some new DVDs. Still the music video collection has had more bugs to work out so no one will be able to have a copy yet. (As I'm picky about the details) 3 new EPS from Awsive Osive (side project) have also been put out this month called "Bar-code", Collision, and Going Nowhere" and a new one is in the works.


The Monthly Articles

Yet Another new release from Scrap Rabbit is available now marking 70 SR releases on bandcamp. This time it's an EP, called "Warped". Easily accessible with a mixed arrangement of audio. With this release there'll be a time lapse until the next album.

The 4th and maybe final? season of the Stoner Show (comic) is in the works this month. Not before going through and improving parts one more time on the first 3 volumes and putting them together.

(featured video of the month) Reason To Ride (album) all the 'rtr's' were recorded in the order they appear on the album with other tracks in between. So you can hear the progress of the song as it's being done over.

(side note) I've bought some new software for burning dvds as I was having glitches with my other software so I hope my video project (Scrap Rabbit - music videos vol 1) DVD will be back in progress. It's due to problems with waiting for things to fall into place and various other things I have to wait to make this series turn out the way I want. I've tried some various DVDs in the past but I always want to improve parts to make better. Several trial discs were made. And this still a homemade series I can only make a few copies anyway. I'd like to have a collection made when things fall into place eventually.

The Monthly Articles

Conquer This! (scraps) is now available on bandcamp featuring unused material and was created in 2014 as part of a series of 1 0f 1 copies. I find it's more listenable than my first 3 albums. Also it's been made into a video as well.

Also this year I've converted over 100 SR demo tapes so far from a battery powered converter. Still have stacks to go through and have been working on each day which will be featured as 2017 the most extensive release of music for Scrap Rabbit. A lot of the material was somewhat lofi for different reasons but have found hidden gems here and there so it's been a worthwhile experience and some tapes are quite a unique journey in their own way. Hase Chaser features that stuff.

Again brand new pics are under the (side show) gallery under photo tab. "The Collector Of Lost Souls (unlimited version)" is now on youtube featuring all 14 tracks, 3 with added effects, and 6 exclusive tracks added all in one extended video! 

Featured video of the month "Morning Swirls (album)"

The Monthly Articles

Inside The Chamber is now on bandcamp as well as Good bye (as a single). New photos are on side show gallery (under photos tab). Awsive Osive tapes have been added to my main channel after improving the sound with a new converter adding relief to a chapter of Scrap Rabbit history that emerges from time to time as well as recent videos like

Get It, Get Rid Of It (visual inspired from Desolate Mass Waste video)

& Desolate Mass Waste (visual inspired from ghost stories)

+ Obscuration (EP) featuring 5 wildly strange and crazy clips


The Monthly Articles

Scrap rabbit is in the process of converting full tapes on a regular basis throughout this year. Also a new music video "Strung Along" marks 182 of my series. A couple years ago I came up with the idea of making a numbered series of videos 1 for every day of the year so the series would be limited to 365. if that were to happen, it won't be done for several more years. 

In other news some new additions have been added to my discography set "Imminence" and "Tape Demos" on bandcamp, see homepage to look at the full collection.

Also I've finally added some new pics to my side show gallery (under photos tab on here) 

Featured video album this month is "Lost Paradise" (track list below)

The Monthly Articles

This is issue #39 of the monthly articles

(my first band) Awsive Osive now marks it's 10 years of existence in 2017. So I've reissued 2 Awsive Osive tapes on my main video channel though the quality of sound was clearer on my new device I used, I've had glitch problems in conversion on every tape and I wanted these tapes to be in mint order. Last year I was disappointed with the problems from a previous converter that was so distorted sounding I ended up deleting some of the material. So it's a work in progress. Scrap Demos being a third AO tape can be heard on Hase Chaser.

A new album from Awsive Osive is available on bandcamp called "the remaker'' features remakes of some of my early compositions. Also Scrap Rabbit has a new album called "Morning Swirls" featuring tracks like Hase Chaser. My channel of the same name is in the works of posting many of my early tapes (mostly from 2012) also a 113 track super sampler is on yt featuring tracks spanning all 7 years of Scrap Rabbit's existence in one half hour video. Also on rabbitcanghost the video clip "Deceased Decrease" from an Isolation tank project has been added for my main channel.

1. Mondrian-drain 2. Formal Focus 3. Ride The Boat 4. The Walrus Man 5. We're Dying (alone)
6. Awsive Osive 7. Wrath Child (sax mix) 8. Fungus 9. Conquer This 10. Excellipel Lophis Snizer
11. Mondrian-Drain (bitter mix) 12 Build A Barrier 13. Run Away (just run) 14. Gone Now 15. 15 
16. War Machine (performed) 17. Still Life (bonus track)

The Monthly Articles

TMA 38

This being a new year I'd like to see it as a new beginning. 2016 was an ok year for Scrap Rabbit. I made a handful of new download albums and created a series of video albums, my others going track by track and then putting the whole of each on storm seizure. Then with the last segment of the year picked out a few forgotten outtakes to make a free release on bandcamp. So far this year I've continued to work on "hase chaser" channel currently and plan to add some rare new material almost daily while going in order of discography leaving out the warped audio scraps. And a best of (vol. 2) video on rabbitcanghost. Also this marks 10 years now since starting Awsive Osive so have plans for releasing material from then is soon to be in the works. Below is links to a couple of the video albums.

Experimental Ep of extended tracks and instrumentals "Mentality"

Abyss Center

The Monthly Articles

issue #37

New Video albums featuring are The Dream Dimension, Acoustic Accusations, and Bee's Wax.

Also new download albums Drained (ep), Bee's Wax, Fireball, and Progress Egress can be found on bandcamp. 

Hase Chasers is also in the works featuring discography up to 2013 so far with lyrics and original artwork. 

The Monthly Articles

This is issue #36 of TMA

While you wait for a new EP from Scrap Rabbit, Rabid Remixes 3, and Haunted Halloween Hits are now available on bandcamp. Plus a new clip Treat Bag EP and Desolate Mass Waste full album on youtube.

Hase Chasers now features 10 albums and several rarities never before heard. 

Finally, check out new gallery featuring extensive artwork never seen on

The Monthly Articles

TMA 34

a new site for this project is now running featuring images and artwork I created. Rabid Remixes 1 & 2 are now on bandcamp as well as Put Out To Pasture (deformation audio album). Don't forget to join me on Hase Chasers with the quest to connect some of the missing dots from my other 2 channels.

The Monthly Articles

TMA 33

A number of new works were made this past month. New Lost Land is on bandcamp featuring rare outtakes also a new channel is under works called "Hase Chasers'' which is to unleash some of the music from my series in an encompassing archival progression. And new video albums "The Weeds Of Our Society, and Shadows Of Darkness"  on storm seizure and new video ''Lightning Breathes Fire" on rabbit can.

The Monthly Articles

TMA 32 

New releases on bc "orange night, acoustic accusations, and ready to go'. The full album lost archives is now on storm seizure. And to take place of the drunken sounding tape 'flute puppets' is a very early tape under the name wazobod that you aren't sure whether your hearing music or not called 'torment impairment' also another demo tape called "attack attack''. New videos on rabbit can the main channel include 'Empty Shadows, Chimney Creeper, Head Confusion,' and a new performance set.

The Monthly Articles

TMA 31

New albums available this month are Arachnid, and Deflection (Extended version) with new tracks. Also Instrumentality volume 1-3 packed with soundscapes composed from my early years after purchasing the software for download nwc. I regretfully discovered I didn't need it right after I discovered direct recording with audacity. Reason To Ride is an album centered around 1 song with 9 takes and 8 in betweens originally created for a planned Awsive Osive cd. Chimney Creeper & Loss are also available with 28 new songs!

The Monthly Articles

TMA 30

A new album can be played on bandcamp called "Confined Rewind" as well as an EP called "Mentality" with extended recordings. The idea behind this to get lost in the song itself. A perception that doen't demand much attention yet spreads variables of listening.

Also newly available; "The Lost Archives" remastered, "The Dissembler" re-issued with a different set list, "Discarded Remains" shortened better version, and "The Dream Dimension", as well as "Dumpster Divers & The Receptacle Kings", and "Desolate Mass Waste."

New videos include "Gravity Cycle III, Confined Rewind, The Weeds Of Society, Stoner Show (33 issue box set) it's been a desire of mine to see the series on dvd, all 3 vimeo albums in album form 'The Collecting Tank, Chamber Files, & Official Bootlegs', which 3 songs got cut by error on download, due to duration I decided it was ok to move on to the next thing.

The Monthly Articles

TMA 29 

A couple more of my earlier albums have surfaced on youtube "Rabid Remixes 1, 2 & 3" 1 in story book form the others in video form. As well As the full Melon Cone (single).

Also the full recording session of  'satisfaction not guaranteed' can be found in two 20 minute videos with a few bonus tracks thrown in.

"The Collector Of Lost Souls" album is now available on with exclusive track.

"Rabid Remixes (Trilogy Edition) is now available as well on bc with highlights from the 3 albums.

"Circle Of Chaos" & "Energy Storm" my first 2 albums are now available in improved form with re-recordings added.

Storm-Raid and Mondrian-Drain music videos are new on rabbitcanghost

Two never before heard tapes have been released from the vault known as "Distance From Ourselves", and "Flute Puppet" on storm seizure.

Become the ultimate Hase Chaser today and find new discoveries with Scrap Rabbit.

The Monthly Articles

TMA 28

The 2012 albums Desolate Mass Waste, Fireball, and Arachnid single are in video form on the channel storm seizure. One of the 2015 albums "formations" can be seen also in it's entirety.

The upcoming projects as far as digital albums are planned to be a few previous made as well as an instrumental based cd this spring.

On SR music channel the concept based Junkyard Jams and re-edited are new at this time.

The Monthly Articles

This is issue #27 of the Monthly Articles

New video Discarded Disease-

New video Rubble N Ashes-

New video Pipeline (E.P.)

(as the engines of Scrap Rabbit continue churning out new projects on Storm Seizure)

my main channel formed a neat little "Leap Day E.P." laced with funny skits

Also I'd like to note my channels now feature playlists containing videos in 27 part sections as well as concept playlists.

Album of the month is Mortal Disease (now with bonus tracks)

The Monthly Articles

Monthly Articles (bonus)

Several new EP's can be heard on Storm Seizure featuring re-recordings of some early compositions with other rare stuff laced in by Scrap Rabbit to give both sides of the spectrum. Even the Rubble N Ashes tape has been unleashed with the artwork and over 100 more images! Here's some more news Awsive Osive now has it's own website including a gallery, music, and news called the Awsive Archive all in the works. With the 150th video of my rabbit can series set it ended as the scariest to film as I accidently set my garbage can on fire when I was gonna drop a strobe firework on a bag for effect. I had to grab buckets of water and dump the flaming trash onto the street. It was too dark to film this and I was in a panic so it wasn't filmed. Just a tiny strobe mushroom wasn't expected to shoot flames like that after falling down into the bag. Luckily the can made it without a mark. Awsive Osive also is planned to release a new digital download album for the price of a can of water. And will be showing some of it's videos as well including a playlist on Storm Seizure.

The Monthly Articles

This is issue #26 of The Monthly Articles

The vault has been opened to add some Awsive Osive cassettes. These early tapes were guitar driven like Garbage Dog, containing recordings from mini cassettes now lost to time. Untolerable Injustice & The one to End All Tears / Killer Bee Sides both featured as uncut full length tapes and shows what it was like in the humble beginnings. Those were among my best tapes of '07. I've been busy on projects so it took me 3 months till I coud watch the stunning Bee's Wax (album) on Storm Seizure. 

The first display this month contains  a trivia game to see how well you know Storm Seizure to work on while playing the video. After that check out the even better End All Tears / Killer Bee Sides which in it contains the answers to the quiz.

Untolerable Injustice

The One To End All Tears / Killer Bee Sides


Here's some more news on February 1st I decided to bring my old band Awsive Osive back to life after 7 dormant years a new digital album debuted on Storm Seizure called "Remade, Returned, And Reset" featuring remakes and new recordings on guitar. There will be another article on the 18th this month.