Isolation Tank X

we fight ourselves in delusion - wires gonna take out with a pliers

where to go - where to roam - 

I'm broke alone 

wires gonna take out with a pliers

ways to get trapped inside 

painted emotion - nowhere to hide

cuts me off - surrounded lost

broken fate - thrown out tossed

charred & grey - left away

leave me alone -

no sense at all - we lost ourselves

and forgot no one 

held away from the sun

burning away - in

stems of sorrow - never found

blackened by the red tide 

made to wait - too much time

for nothing 

needs no more waiting for you to go

now I'm lost you see

what will I be

breathe in small doses

fragmental hopeless

enter the abyss of an endless egress gone


I shook in terror at misplaced

despair - sudden burst of light

interrupt thoughts flying by

am I too far gone to reach

what it is I seek

lost in all my needs going under me

no time or place to be

nowhere to create my seed

in the soil surface used up - going

down - down - down

no move surrounds

what am I bound -- fallen from a cliff to reach to void

oppress the joy

as age it turns heads dismay glaring me down

wings fold white tide

brings feelings fade

frameshift of essence - broken and remain fading

for now and never


I need you in this isolation tank

I'm bound to what I make

I feel true whill all seems so fake

I'm tied to this hole I cannot break


Disguised in lies beneath the whys

crushing tries to escape need to move on

I need to move on - now

hours up rollin' by

the years they fade and moments dry

a fragment of this misery

you will not see

I'm hidden beneath free

here in a dream

try so hard just to let it fall down

moments elapsed drawn to the ground

outside the tripped in illusion

gone so far to fit delusion


cease to exist upon the misty hill top

the cage is met

the movements upsed up

repeated path leading back to

the key inside waiting for the right time

to let you go to let me out

of this line feelings fade within my time

nowhere to go

as isolation stays in place at the framerate a bubble broke

evolved in masterpiece 

crumbled worthwhile build a tower

to watch it come down

a weeks work for a moment bound

lost to the tears that are falling

rotting in this misery 

bound to years of desire set on fire


ruin me to succeed at nothing

as your world dies gone within the measured space

I float on the way down in the waters

descend upon an open shore

tugging me down keep promises all broken

never lost in open threshold folding down

planted terror upon the sprouts spread waste my mind

cold connected connectivity demand no answer

I need you in this isolation tank

I'm bound to what I make

I feel true while all seems so fake

I'm lost in this hole I cannot shake


we built our cells - to cage our waste

a hundred lies - locked out of place

in this life there's little to face

emptiness creates a void

time does wound what it destroys

I regret waiting for you now there's nothing I can do

the weeds took over

all that I see I spent it all

to creat my might

cold ice lit pond drawn until gone

tunr the lake upsidedown

cage the heartless

cliche overtouch

consumer the mind

out of this time

a wasted supply

I'm driven to die


play it backwards

I don't want anymore

to copy - stackable wrap

find this thought

repeat the path

an hour too soon

embraced like gloom

cut the numbers up

to arrange disorder

discord no order an honest mistake

and all because I built this 

isolation tank - sleep in red tide

gone back & hide

too many died

here it lies a ground with no cell

shot through hearing the way it goes

across that line

heard never before

ticking inside


no words to say

no colors to read

no point to go on

not feeling entertained

no purpose for pain

a rose at will

with blades that kill

the thorns of twine

roll down the hill

paved it black - no turning back

mysterious the sun

looking nowhere - the highway fades

now I must go 

this is isolation tank

torn down with no escape

shook out and gone away

visit memories today


(part 2)

bring me my value

dead end by luck

fingers sore in the thoughts that stuck

write something travel through wires

hatred stems - pull out the pliers

wanting to die

never will cry - accept the fate as a mistake

hate what you create - waited for no time to desire

but I won't lie 

my tears did dry

cracked by time

the age of design

what's more to love than

what's gone wrong - is it everything?

and all because of this isolation tank

the edge of fall

the loss of hell

unexpected a chain you'll still

need to place in the aftershade

we fight our focus even after I'm gone

what did you learn

gone experience

I wait still for your call

paralyzed will from no call

wait and wonder

while I dry - you left my plunder ignore my die...

the pig is out of the box

the cage it will release the beast but the mind won't let it cease

a written terror upon the feast

I'll put you in my isolation tank

what good is money when on death's gate

I feel blue this I cannot shake

alive in open isolation tank


the spirits have arrived to welcome us in for their night masquerade

we welcome them all right

leaving the tactics of communion aside reviewing the value of communication

as we dance - we dance all night

with the dead - moving in - like chess around the knight

the cage it met - the movements used up

repeat the path

my fears they want no more

ages lie to waste

from the ancestral filth

the serpent crawls through

tunnels of the night in day

I never go away

I heed you in my isolation tank

I'm bound by what I take

I live all used while nothing to shank

as petals fall - a way to see the rake


as I'm drained of power - I recharge each hour

a razor moon in needle shower

drenched in bleak water

do you recognize

what never was

the message serves 

no meanings clear


find the path in the mind

don't be fed the blind

as severed thoughts sleep 

your wishes weep

don't forge your circles

you sow as you reap


threshold thrash

commit to desire

a harvest shatters

led down faster


clever lies the branch

gone from the tree

forever lies the path

desires unseen


wet mounds folded shut

gone worried today

I never can stop

burned in my tank


we fight ourselves in delusion wires

gonna take out with a pliers 

ways to get trapped inside

painted emotion - nowhere to hide


this is your isolation tank

viewed and burned away

charred charcoal clay

hail bails in may

froze clays - scratch away

think for yourself or you'll tire away

dark red eye shadow

holes in my booth so deep it burns

disposable youth


you never will know

which way to go

slowly I row

on with the show


a weeks work in one moment bound

no way to rest

12 hours down

forever hope - no way to cope

I lost too much to gain


as you slip

I'm still here

soaked in sweat

my death is near

I must go 

mourning regret


go and take your tomb

the mirror subsided

strums of defeat

the victory decided


I'll take you away towards my isolation tank

then I was drug off into the lake

this I cannot shake


another set-back

I cannot slack

now I must find another

tore down somewhere

in a silo of despair

I do not care


where am I now?

all alone - so far from gone

and here to stay away

my path ends here


we find ourselves with delusion

wires gonna take out with a pliers

ways to get trapped inside

painted emotion - nowhere to hide


I lost it all somehow

I'd still come back for you

for reasons unknown

deal me my own view


I need you in this isolation tank

I'm bound to what I make

all so untrue while all is so fake

I'm broken in this void I cannot break


laughter spreads inside this tomb

delivered from a fallen loom

sheltered tears for chosen few

comatosed from evil view


let it rain in the form of tears

watch in vain the slipping years


I'll never escape

I'm what I will shape - a

ghost lurks in this place 

searching for the isolation tank


(part 3)

with promised rust - and dust to dust

murders in the morning

go call the crows - no one knows

that dead birds are forming


watered down in the softened ground

the news it never arrives

the only place I"m not down 

is well within my confines


I lead you in my isolation tank

the only paradise I know

bring on the rain

before the snow


lead into this hole

a page lies emptiness

broken down hole

kick away so slow


while pounding on the walls

it's round and dirty

dust me off someone hear my calls

hours pound my arms hurting


my fate is real

tossed at the heat of the sun

cuts me off

the burnings begun

another day all tied up

upon the surface frown upon


limitless circular mass bounds

motions lifted please let me out

my enemies aligned

to block my exit

fueled power regret

nowhere to get - reject


my plague is your purgatory

my purgatory is your hell


your hell is my parade


see the unseen

forbidden unseen

degrade yourself for me

face the lost dream


longing to be held

years alone

gone with no one

here on my own


for into a monster - crippled inside

born into a dumpster - crumbled my kind


and so I built this isolation tank

the spiders I dust off with a rake

it was thrown out on the curb to take

in this isolation tank


no sense at all

we lost ourselves and forgot no one


how long will you last in my isolation tank

how many days have passed 

trapped by the moments elapsed


no ways to erase the past

no ways to change it either

at least what matters will remain

found at last


crushed beneath the chaos of the world

stuffed within the desert earth

some way to reverse this curse

braid the cracks of all worth


I'm safe within this isolation tank

it's dark and hidden in this place

repeated path - never goes the same way

I'm well within this confined space


pounding echoes remain hidden in so well

a skill through thrill

unleash this kill

never mattered til it surfaced

risen high above

followed by the energy storm

no one was warned

it's already formed

for those who stand the last days darkest and most pure 

as evils harvest


I'm a fallen sword

bottled by a single word

motions rabid - razors hard

as a single drop falls

the thunder calls

passers by an empty carrier

moving through paradise

overshadowed by the barrier

held within a tunneled twilight


resting on a wordless touch

drowning in a worthless lust

broken by an eaten dust

fighting for a motion must


I find shelter in my isolation tank

built from a kettle rank

slipping on a broken plank - as

my thoughts drown in the lake


repeated path 

leading back

leave me with this feeling lost

never got what I lost


(part 4)

I feel incinerating my face

my time - the memories

so few to remain

got lost 

with a cell

left so alone too well

not one good but now

an hour already gone

another - wasting my time

limited is everything

that eats me everyday

I can't be myself

don't know anymore

what to do alone

with this void cuts me off

surrounded oh well


keep my composure

just a little closer

out the door


live within another void

in my soul carried off ignored

no one seems to follow me home

where am I

how can I leave

where to go

you know what I mean


you're still here

going nowhere

let's face the end

our only escape

lost in a new plague

last words forgot - yet the

code lies broken

left unspoken

so many will not know

who it was

the key to all mystery

is looking for the majority of parts 

that lead to it


what will survive the end

what treasure lies unbroken

what words will stand time

orchard breeze sorted thoughts

gone and brought to the focal appex


looking for randomness

in the sweetest things

left dull under

the umbrella of reasoning


shifting sideways - back again:

in this isolation tank~

still survives!

is legendary - worth disposed

in organic matter / metal art...


hung on too long

wait until it's over

it's been over so long

the congestion of the world

gives away all that it will get


shed tears forming around

let continue where I was now

position it cuts me off

I don't know now

lie to waste in ruin


feel days left in a daze

scorched thread

needle stems burst

forth from the vines

the largest mass

on overcast

electric blue skies

curried deep

a coiled leaf or shell

here in your eyes


cuts me off - cuts me off - cuts me off again


a traffic jam

a grain of sand

I get my own potions now

here we are left waiting


I breed you in this isolation tank

I'm bound by what I make

left on here gone escape

spend my life here on this grate


here in the heart 

soft as the wounds

that feel

nothing is real


spark the threat of the sun

and mount me on the lawn

curved surface structures form

with no one floating by

wander it alone

no reason to try


spiraling down into an array of disarry

put an end to suffering - to make you pay

no way to unleash from my system

my precious flames inside

inside they burning me away


like devouring a plague

lock you in fear

slipping from this place

animal desire -hell is here


hours of waste

your waste my time

welcoming the cage

as the mind dies


as I'm bound in isolation tank

I"m not like what you create

ignore all the pain

become what we debate


I live below the underground

swirling twisted morning colors

leaving where I'm bound


along the dusk

the trails I walked 

drained the path in chalk


I'm falling through the tiles

as we fight ourselves in delusion

wires gonnak take out with a pliers

ways to get trapped inside

painted emotion - no where to hide

from the heat of the sun it has begun


talking terror has arrived in the nickel of time

I won't chase it away 

forces of oppression

leading me under and under some more


when will I get to where I belong

when will I get what I long

is heaven just another purgatory?

does anything lie in the dimension

of dreams?

does anything belong?

where does it seems?

connected the monster reaps

thresh it's scythe while the field sleeps


resting on a wordless touch

was it enough or too much

even I wll see

my hope gone

nothing is wrong

can't go back or too far


where I'm from in the hopeless night

days dry up and go by

it's all right


let me out of this isolation tank

no longer bound by what I make

no one knows my true fate

the focus of my mind won't separate


my hope is gone

something is wrong

can't go back

or too far


from social anthropology

in isolated society

I lurk within the confined psychology

trying to stay inside me

the box I can hide free


justice will serve itself

you better look at how you talk to me

look back into the eyes of the stealth

become a hase chaser

dull mind eraser

remember what matters

lost thought disaster

time does move faster

when you're on top


I need you in this isolation tank

I'm bound to what I make

I feel true whil all is so baked

in this cage I cannot break


frozen in this purgatory

the rules don't exist

in this disturbution

no reason to resist

the pain it won't quit

the hate it don't get

what it does yet

the world hates

what it don't understand


I broke this isolation tank

to unleash the beasts that shake

the portals of mortal decay

forgotten as they rot away


a ground up move - lost in the highway

pave it black - a rose at will

with blades that kill

the thorns unwind - roll down the hill


we've reached the final part

the path to your heart

filled with thorns

and scorn

and after it all

I'm the only one to lost my art


now the years have passed as

I still last 

blinded by the rays of the sun

what seems of sense is lost in hence

the loneliness is gone


fumble through an open cave

fallen through a shallow grave


got a board to call the dead

follow the message read

learn of your demise

and the time you'll die


as this third hour unwinds

the seconds tick in senseless rhymes

fed of coal 

and sole shoeshine

rowboat weaves past the

 stars of night

sweep the cobwebs from the sky


come near hear the comets cry

twisting strings from a puppet

when you strum it away

but I broke some wires now

but who will hear it anyway


now is the time

here comes a change

a chance to grow

or stay the same


ticking clocks melting in the microwave

bursting flames outside and sparkling


the moments elapse

collapse in vain

shapes have shifted

in the rain

as a colorless shade


going by in moonlit gallows

revise the memories

return to dust

our souls remain

in savage dust


it's fine to live in isotank

though it's rusty

with stained spray paint

burn it down

to broken wires

from a crusted tin grate


the ghost that circle

fight from the past

sometimes the present

get caught in the cast

we believe ther fighting for their lives

but they are illusions in the mind


we're born into again

the bridge we approach

hate me it will collapse within

bursting in the void

a glistening stream

opens forth 

broken the solid change


within it's grasp - I am haunted within

confined interstellar shells- smashing my relapse


breed me forth - the information combined

sets off to a noon day sun - a terrorist resigned


too many colors - not enough blight

bring me the darkened corners in my sight


we heed you now - we need you now how 

in this isolation tank -it is burning in your wake


said terror to despair - lets end it all - I don't care

beneath the forest a forshadowing rise

knife in the rain - forcast then drys


bend me under and under

let me fit in this cluttered tank

frozen to the ground

and forgotten in this frozen plank

which side counts is it both or one

will I last to see the end or will I break at none


we're rushing now

towards the end

working for the living

at the submerged trend


we don't care anymore

about what the future wants

where is the desire 2x

gone with the fire 2x


(part 5)

this is the part where it all began

see there is no time for us

to fight against decay

burning in my head

this final abyss looks down on me

the mind thinks what it wants

doesn't make it true

I went and took a tomb

then a mirror subsides

in my open eyes

crushed fragments of the damned

no view in this land

ignored and gone


breech of positioning

reveals an open flame

wired trap you won't get out

that is your end of intelligence


in this murder pit

a searing treachory

dig in the trenches

undisturbed as futile ashes

sets off tragic contamination

blazing in the ground

I never evolve just stay bound


in this murder pit - it's a losing battle


dug off into the trenches

broken through to the other side

there is nothing at all

for me to look forward to


the light hides

the earth fades

the day shines like the sun

it has begun


the earth is falling

the earth is falling


gone with no escape

in isolation tank

smoldering in this cage

drowning with poor air


going nowhere

far away in you

find the way out

outta here caged view


waiting for the night time to get out

endless days surpass my time

age resists in it's bind


open the grate

close the gate

set the debris in flame

lifted emotion

nothing to fear

nowhere to go


nothing to fear

nowhere to go


afraid of scorn

written in our time

let the air inhale

what it can't find


let me go - no hold on me

dive into a hole

born rage within

it lessens here and now

sensory's collapse

revive within the ground


our world is a place

the cage is in our minds

can't get out of the confines


so get off the flames from inside

of plastic snow form away from the mite

as the years grow


the end has come again

more fears passes by

forming well within the egress

inside the years die


the wasteland drips

no sense at all

climbing the latter to nowhere

I won't get through


I'm waiting in this cell

hoping for you

here we are

all alone - oh well


it lets me off sometimes

no way out (about it)

in ominous black expansions

a solice view appears

I get what I want 

in the end of wasted years


planet of planets - too much noise arose

within the sheltered agitation binding me too slow

please apologize for making life hell

tear down the gaps of time

and let all the good shine through


make my way back out of this

written words - form a color

a color with dimension and shape

evolve into many

broken below an escape


what will last forever

what won't survive long

going to the edge

to find my place in the shade


this is isolation tank

isolation tank


pull me in with a rake

until I die by fate

reach to me I will fake a long smile


we fight our focus

even after I am gone

no way it will

see my demise lasting

days of hours of what you like


emotions reversed sides

feeding on the outside


cornered worth going nowhere

for good I still want you

I will last till I could 

from the beginning till I end

I want to start again

when it's over I'll fade

for good this time


lets arise to another day

until death it blooms

love it hurts me to watch

as I'm down in the tomb


as everything I long for dies away

emptiness surrounds me

in the hopeless day

nothing for me to be


so run away now

go away from the past

it begins to circle again

a repeating path

to go until I can't no more


I won't waste a moment if I can

but everything just keeps on wasting my time

what can it be - what can I do

nothing goes for what it's worth

I don't get the world

and trying to drives me insane

so hopelessly I fade

with no one going under

the solid change against the way to go


on and on our moments lapse

as it sets off above collapsed

a glimpse around so eerily it grows

to the point it can't handle itself no more


I am done for good this time

what gets me off is died


we fight ourselves in delusion

wires gonna take out with a pliers

ways to get trapped inside 

painted emotion - nowhere to hide...


I was born yesterday

was years ago

we write it off

to get on our way

out of this

is the end

off all what was

will never see

the point taken

back to nowhere

it starts again 



I need this is isolation tank

stiff and bound too long in this place

let me out - the days are all the same

too cold - alone

where is my home


(part 6)

still so much hatred stems

from the abysmal fire

growing into ugliness and death

the heat consumes

all in it's way which 

isn't there at all


my time is left within

my ways - my years they come and go

fill it up - beneath the rage

I'm crushed in - here and now


it goes...

and - motions reversed

the climate chains pull me back

can't hear my pain

callous souls don't care to change

leaves me wounded

won't survive this way


doors of darkness - closing now

for what it's worth

no other found


rushing circles

going somewhere

and leading back 



fallen through a path deranged

can't find itself out of this place


I don't care anymore.

time wounds what it destroys

and winds back to kill the joy

I'm gone now


poison rhetoric = posion control

poison me - paralyze my soul


you cut me off so I can't grow

no need to be at all

bitter roots taking me back

out of my wounds

chaining me in this hole for good


no time to change

no chance to destroy

I'm bound until I end inside

I weed out of this isolation tank

sprouting fear into this lake

pulling me well below

the years move faster than days

now I must go away


am I so lost

I cannot get out 

relive the same pain

over and over

it numbs me to the floor

forgotten I am

long forgotten since the beginning

am I gone for good this time

when will I reach my destiny's find


just let it all go away

be forgot when nothing

matters anymore

my days have ended 

since the birth of time

my ways let your nightmares shine


going bound within

the burning sunrise

heeds me off

to drown in lies

pull them under again


wimpers of thunder

merciful rain

become my meal

soothe this breeze

that we can feel - feel it all again


the clouds surround me

likeness - thick as fog

planets reach within I long


paved it black

no turning back

mysterious the sun

looking nowhere

the highway fades

now I must go on


what seeps through

all the pages

no other side

envisions a 

satisifying ride


see the unseen

forbidden obscene

degrade yourself for me

face the lost dream


I won't spare them all

I want to find my way out

of this miss

severed faded 

separated I'm a forgery

of a band turned to sand


so wild in this purgatory of

sitting chairs of unending scorn

is in a row folded shut


(part 7)

see the sun it has begun

the earth is falling

through nowhere


we see the days

revive the night

playing out all possibilites

are endless in this unlaid sphere 

forever unclear

warming the light


around the motions

through the sea

over the oceans 

drew the scene


no wave of mountains to describe

beaming in open view


am I so lost

I cannot get out

relive the same pain

over and over

it numbs me to my core - I'm gone for sure


like devouring a plague

locked in your fear

slipping from this place

of animal desire


here it lies a ground with no cell

discord no order

revel in the path

no mystery


collapse the pretense 

a solid crash

gives are to the reasons


liquid sunshine

mist of march

reactors contractors

in the age of new plans

going into slumber

reclusive moments bound

don't forget what I'm saying now


I feel evolved

in the new age

I hope it lasts

in this page

appreciate confine

the ideals of society's

own weeds will decline

with numbers 

dividing us in twine


a tunneled twilight

urges towards

our open change

forged in formed 


my timelines crumbled


poison pain

poison control

poison mind

become the unknown


beaming with pleasure from all sides

in an omnipresent reality dimension

given in to all desires


chasings in the moments bound

how do I know which is upsidedown


Ageless spaceless


fueled reality

going to the underside of

desperate wants


lifeless music of endless lines

Reduced to rubble in the minds


we fight ourselves in delusion wires

gonna take out with a pliers

ways to get trapped inside

painted emotion - nowhere to hide

cuts me off - surrounded lost

broken fate thrown out tossed

no sense at all

we lost ourselves and forgot no one

held away from the sun

blackened by the red tide

buried below an open sky

abandoned as the underground

stems of sorrow - never found


I need you in this isotank

I'm bound to what I make

I feel true while all so fake

I'm tied to this hole I cannot break


hours up rollin' by

the minutes pace - the years drag why

a fragment of this misery

you will not see

you're just looking for me

try so hard just to let it fall down

moments elapse - drawn to the ground


the cage is met again

the moments used up

repeated path - leading back

the key inside

waiting for the right time

and the right place

to see your face

I set it off

I lost my way -now-


here we are - going nowhere

how much more time

till I get mine

how much more time

cannot rewind

no escape

the scent is gone

still I'm waiting

still waiting

rolling sliver

send me shivers

it's so cold

I'm all used up

got nowhere to go


itching fetish

sorrow bitters

feelings rusted over

it's so used up

it's all used up

you broke me down


as the shadows play

the shallow stays

gone with the hay

and controlled the grain


swallowing the serpents

faster than my mind

content with no rewind

time to inject 

no time to reflect

the though that is the same

the same as all what was is gone away


sleeping in ther screams of misery

slipping through the seeds of purity

diving out


and on it goes

it goes away

I'm free falling

through my inner void


and there it goes - it goes away

to the edge

until I fade


and on it goes

it goes away

I'm diving through until I break

in my inner void

lost within

the wolrd we'll never know

buried below the cold


the hooks within

the time and place

it cuts them off

drawn locked with then a solid change


so we set off the end

why say good bye

years descend

and then we die


we're forming from

our own demise


crushed in ways to never know

it is as you were told


we're going under

and under

I'm nobodies hero

shed remains

of wasted tears

burnt forms remain

cased in fears


broken me down

the nightfalls on

listening to the fragments of this song

beneath bound

seconds drown

in the river of tomorrow


as the day passes

a new way comes to light

given away

what gives off the new life


free me now

from isolation tank

I want what

I can do to - there is no escape

regret the moments bound

how long will you hear

my calls bound in the grate


burnt forms remain

reviving the hope

become what will

breed from this slope


what words will remember

when and why

set forth into forever

cold and dry


ignored in the frame

we are is not a reason while

I crush you to dust

I am above the surface

to emerge within nowhere

turning me back to invisible eyes


I am not surprised


feeding numbness

with empty pain

give a shockwave

flaming sheets

to open through

a torrents burst

to devour you 



this is isolation tank - it

has reached it's end

so cold we've grown

bound in fear

the dreams ahead


the more we reach

the more they pass on

really crushed

down in fragment shells

wasting spaces

forbidden places


my words drown in void

going nowhere to thrive

see what I had

now let it go

I'm still waiting by


I killed isolation tank

withheld down into the lake

submerged forever into this place

beneath rust it still decays

turned to dust & then fading away


the isolation tank...

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